March Madness – Eyecare/eyewear Edition

Technically speaking, March Madness has just ended; the Final Four and the Championship are set to ring at the beginning of April. In other words, it’s spring! The days are getting longer, the snow is finally melting, and the final four are ready to hit the boards.

With spring comes the outdoor sports that float your boat and ample sunshine to brighten your days. Thinking about spring got us thinking about summer, so in this March Madness post on the cusp of April, we’re not going to be too finicky about that. Instead, we’re going to focus an eye on a few essential spring/summer eyewear topics just to get in the mood for all things not winter!

Protect Your Eyes from the Sun

Spring sunshine after the long dearth that is winter in Vermont means getting as much of it as you can! That is, as much as you can without the harmful effects of the ultraviolet rays.

While UV is harmful to your eyes and your skin, there’s no need to hide from the sun till winter comes around again. all you need to do is protect yourself when you’re outdoors is to remember to wear a good pair of polarized sunglasses.

BOE has an incredible selection of sunglasses for you to choose from, almost all of which can be fitted with prescription polarized lenses to protect you from the sun. You’ll want to make sure that the pair you choose provide 100% UV or UV400 protection, or block both UVA and UVB rays, UVB being the most harmful. 

March Madness Technical Foul! – cheap sunglasses! Cheap, disposable sunglasses are not only a lesser quality product overall, but they may not have that UV protection you’re looking for! Check whatever sunglasses you buy to ensure they provide true UV protection. A cheap pair may just have a flimsy film over the lens that wears off in a few weeks, so consider investing in a pair that will give you your money’s worth.

Chlorine Isn’t Cool for Your Eyes

There are a host of chemicals used to sanitize and clean swimming pools. If you’ve ever experienced a glorious day of swimming to ward off the summer heat, followed by an evening of red, irritated eyes, you’ve probably felt the effects of these chemicals on the protective film that protects the cornea of your eye.

The most common culprit of chemical eye irritation in swimming pools is chlorine; while chlorine is generally considered necessary to sanitize pools by killing water-borne bacteria, it also combines with existing contaminants in the pool to create chloramine, and it’s the chloramine that really stings.

Just remember, if you wear contact lenses, remove them before swimming. If you do swim with contacts on, remove them immediately after swimming and sanitize them with lens solution. Always wear water-tight goggles with a strong seal when swimming in chlorinated water. Try not to swim with your eyes open underwater more than you have to. Flush your eyes with cool, clean water and saline eye drops after swimming to restore the protective film on your eyes.

We all want to stay cool in the summer, but cool means taking care of your eyes!

March Madness Sports Eyewear

Performance sports eyewear helps you take your game to the next level with next-level innovations and technologies that ensure you can see clearly, safely, and comfortably. Push your game and your eyewear to the limits with virtually indestructible frames, interchangeable shatter-proof lenses, impact-resistant technology, and more.

Traditional eyeglasses are not designed with the athlete in mind. All sports, even those that require a helmet, demand eyeglasses as advanced and innovative as any other equipment on the field.

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