Celebrating 50 Eye-Popping Blog Posts About Eye Health

Hey! Did you know that we posted the first blog post to our brand-new website on February 24, 2017? In the nearly 5-years since that first post announcing our new website, inviting you to find out more about us online, and promoting our exciting new blog, we’re just now posting our 50th post! This is it; you’re reading it right now!

The conventional wisdom is that businesses use blogs as an online marketing tool, and yes, we do look to boost our online visibility by keeping our site active with at least a blog post a month, but that’s not solely why we do it.

We’re lucky enough to have an incredibly knowledgeable and dedicated staff and an equally loyal and enthusiastic community that supports our business while we work to support your eye health. So, while a little more online traffic to our website is never a bad thing, the real reason we keep writing these blogs is simply to stay in touch with all of you and keep you informed.

Knowledge Is Key to Better Health

Point of fact: a well-informed, knowledgeable individual is considerably more likely to maintain better health than people who are less informed. Health literacy is the degree to which individuals have the ability to find, understand, and use information and services to inform health-related decisions and actions for themselves and others.

For our part, we try to bring you all sorts of interesting and useful information so you can make well-informed, healthful decisions about your eyes! Not only do we think this allows us to build better relationships with our clients, but we see it as part of our responsibility to build better eye-health outcomes.

Astigmatism to Double-Vision

Since 2017, we have posted blogs about everything from astigmatism to digital blue lightcataracts, and contact lenses. We’ve even posted a blog about the history of the renowned Snellen Eye Chart. The original “chart” used images cut from calendars, books, and newspapers, and included pictures in various sizes of cannons, guns, birds, farm equipment, camels, and frogs. True story!

We’ve also posted about night blindness, the three different kinds of tears, the early signs of macular degeneration, and foggy glasses and face masks (sadly still relevant), among so many other topics.

All 50 of our past blog posts, and all those yet to come can be found on the blog page of our website. They’re all just sitting there waiting for you to read them! We also share every new post to the Optical Expressions Berlin Facebook page. If you haven’t “Liked” us yet, head over and click it today so you don’t miss another post!

What Do You Want to Know?

Help us make our bog the most useful tool it can be for you. Is there something eye-related you’re interested in that you want us to cover? What do you think we should post about? Comment on our Facebook post to let us know what you want to hear about, and we’ll be sure to write about it in an upcoming post.

Thanks for all your support! You’ll be hearing from us soon…

Knowledge is Power at Berlin Optical Expressions