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The Height, Weight, and Blood Pressure of the Eye Exam

Optical Expressions uses three essential tools at the outset of every eye exam to gather the “height, weight, and blood pressure” of your eyes, and our next three blog posts are going to take a deep dive into each in turn.

HIGHcare – Can Marijuana Treat Glaucoma and Other Eye Conditions

Medical marijuana has long been hailed by its most “free spirited” devotees as a gateway drug to alleviating the symptoms of everything from anxiety and epilepsy to glaucoma, migraines, Crohn’s disease, and more. But is cannabis or marijuana truly the sage curative it’s acclaimed to be, or is it really a bit of smoke and mirrors…?

New Year’s Eye Care Resolutions Realized

Eye care doesn’t need to be complicated. You brush your teeth twice a day, you get a physical once a year. Taking care of your eyes and protecting your eyesight are as simple as setting up regular, routine exams, building a trusting relationship with your eye doctor, and making a few simple commitments to protect and preserve your vision and eye health.

Are Virtual Reality Headsets Naughty or Nice for Your Eyes?

The biggest shopping season of the year is here and the latest in technology is once again topping everyone’s list! From AirPods to smart watches, retro turntables reconfigured for the 21st century or a gaming console that reimagines the Mario Brothers. And then there’s the gift that pushes us right into the mind-bending center of the future itself: the Virtual Reality (VR) Headset.

Looking Into the Future: Retinal Scanning is Here for Better or for Worse

Pick your sci-fi futuristic fantasy film and you’ll see retinal scanning to get into every top secret, high security back room where all the nefarious machinations of a post-apocalyptic future are being orchestrated by the powerful elite. So, is that really science fiction fantasy, or is retinal scanning coming for our eyes right now…?

We’re Brand NEW! New Website – New Location: Visit Both Soon!

Sometimes you just need to freshen a few things up! In our case, we decided to go all in on freshening up with a brand-new website and state-of-the-art sparkling new offices at the Blanchard Block downtown Barre - 14 North Main St. Suite 4002. Barre, VT 05641.

Flashes of Light in Vision from Harmless to Worrisome

Summer is Persied season in Vermont. It’s actually Persied season everywhere, but Vermonters can’t help but throw another season into the mix whenever we can! The Persied meteor shower is one of nature’s…

Summer Thunderstorms and Seeing Rainbows

Summer in Vermont is that short sliver of a season when everyone gloriously basks in the sun, soaks up that unparalleled pond life, and runs for cover when those tempestuous summer thunderstorms come barreling through...

Vitamin EYE – Nutrients and Diet for Eye Health

At some point in all our lives we’ll hear our doctor say, “You know, you really should be taking a daily multivitamin.” The simple fact is that as people age, they tend to reduce their overall consumption and absorption of necessary vitamins and minerals...

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall… The Vision Test Mystery Solved

It’s interesting that SNELLEN is very nearly a palindrome; a word spelled the same forward and backward. But before we get to that, what’s a Snellen, you might ask…