Best Kids Eyeglass Frames – Back to School Edition

The first things you think of when buying anything for your kid have to be affordability and durability. I swear it seems like kids are truly living in a real-life Wreck-It Ralph where everything is on the verge of being mangled beyond recognition or completely destroyed every second!

Eyeglasses are not something you want to be replaced every day, so with the world a whirlwind of tumbling blocks, blanket forts, baseballs, and flying elbows, Berlin Optical Expressions curates an inventory of kids' frames that meets and exceeds all your expectations.

Back To School is traditionally that time in late August and early September when every department store circular is slashing prices, and kids are clamoring for whatever the latest in fashion shoes and backpacks may be Your child’s eyeglasses are an everyday accessory that sometimes gets overlooked.

New eyeglasses not only accent your child’s style, but with the right prescription (and that really is the point isn’t it?) the right eyeglasses can help your child both look their best, see their best, and learn even better.

Dolabany Eyewear TR-90 Kids

Far and away our family favorite kid's frame right now is the TR-90 from Dolabany Eyewear. According to Mark Dolabny, Founder and CEO of Dolabany Eyewear, the TR-90 is the “emerging superstar” of the Dolabany collection


The TR-90 frames are constructed from an ultra-lightweight, rubber-like material that is extremely comfortable, durable, and flexible. “Their flexibility allows for the frames to withstand most “accidents” for those that exhibit an active lifestyle or for those that are simply prone to misfortune when it comes to their ever so fragile eyeglasses.” Sounds like most kids to me!

The Dolabany TR-90 collection of Kids Frames comes in over 20 different color combinations and a wide variety of sizes. We fit these and all of our kid's frames with polycarbonate lenses for safety as they are far less likely to shatter than traditional lenses.

EasyTwist Eyewear – A New Twist on Frames

Once again, it all comes back to durability. EasyTwist eyeglass frames are “designed for anything life throws at your glasses. Twist, press, drop, and always recover.” Just like the Dolabany frames, the EasyTwist is designed to withstand whatever bumps and bruises childhood throws at you.


Replacing a pair of jeans is one thing, but replacing a pair of eyeglasses is another thing entirely. The EasyTwist is also available in a wide array of colors and patterns that kids will absolutely love.

Wild, Vivid, Creative, & Colorful

"See the world as if for the first time; see it through the eyes of a child, and you will suddenly find that you are free." — Deepak Chopra

Your child’s vision is our number one priority. Our entire approach to working with families and children is framed by that commitment. We embody that commitment by treating every child’s eye exam with the care and attention each individual child deserves. We cherish their vivid, creative, and colorful characters as much as we care for their eyes.

Our showroom is filled with frames from Dolabany and EasyTwist, as well as OakleyEtnia Barcelona, Champion, and even Miraflex for the youngest eyes in your family.

Come visit our showroom today to see all the bright colors, wild patterns, back-to-school, and holiday deals we have to offer!

Kids Rule at Berlin Optical Expressions